This page allows users to maintain textual memos/notes that can be retrieved/sent from/to the phone. The list of the available memos is displayed in the left listbox, with the detailed information of the selected one being displayed in the right fields.


The labels of these fields are color coded to indicate their applicability to the current phone:

Subject: The subject of the current memo.

Date: The date on which the memo was last modified or retrieved from the phone.

Private: Turn on the private/secret flag of this memo when checked.

Category: The categories assigned/associated with this memo.

Memo: The textual content of this memo.


Add: Add a new memo to the list.

Delete: Delete the selected memo from the list.

Save: Save the changes made to this memo.

Help: Bring up this help page.

Revert: Dicard all changes made to this memo.

BitPim Online Help built 17 January 2010