This page displays the media items that BitPim currently maintains and allows users to perform various actions on them. The types of media items include pictures for wallpapers, sound clips for ringtones, etc.


Add: To add new media items to BitPim, either click on the + button on the tool bar, or main menu Edit  New..., or context menu Add ..., or by pressing Ctrl+N. Users can then select one or more media files to add.

Delete: To delete the selected media items, either click on the X button on the tool bar, or main menu Edit  Delete, or context menu Delete, or pressing on the Delete or Del key.

Open: To activate the application associated with this type of media item, either double-click on the item, or conext menu Open.

Save: To save the selected media item into a file, go to context menu Save ....

Copy: To copy the selected media item into the clipboard, go to main menu Edit  Copy, or context menu Copy, or pressing Ctrl+C.

Paste: To paste one or more media items from the clipboard, go to main menu Edit  Paste, or context menu Paste, or pressing Ctrl+V.

Replace: To replace the content of the selected media item, go to context menu Replace and enter the file name of the new media content.

Refresh: Refresh the list of media items on this page.

Drag and Drop: On Windows, BitPim supports drag-and-drop media files from other applications into BitPim (which is equivalent to adding files); and drag-and-drop files from BitPim to other applications.

Move to: Move the selected items to a different media page.

BitPim Online Help built 17 January 2010