Access Ringtones from a miniSD card:

Transferring files to the miniSD card through the phone using BitPim is very slow, users should transfer files to the card directly from a PC.

  1. On the miniSD card, create a subdir called ringers

  2. Copy your ringtone files to the ringers subdir.

  3. Insert the card back into the phone and start BitPim.

  4. Retrieve Ringtone data from the phone:

    1. Menu Data -> Get Phone Data.

    2. Check on Ringtone, and click on OK.

  5. Write Ringtone data back to the phone:

    1. Menu Data -> Send Phone Data.

    2. Check on Ringtone and Replace All, and click on OK.

  6. All of the ringtones stored on both the phone and the card are now available for assignment.

Step 3 through 5 should be repeated for all changes made to the ringers subdir.

BitPim Online Help built 17 January 2010