This phone supports USB charging cables.

RPI Wireless straight USB with charging

You can also buy from e-bay and Verizon stores (although they are a bit expensive) You can also try RS and other electronic stores. All testing done with USB cables. Note that the VX6100, VX7000, VX8000 and VX8100 all use exactly the same cable. This phone also has Bluetooth (BT). It is possible to use this to connect to BitPim. To use BT you need to confgure your phone. Go into the main menu, press OK, then go to Settings and Tools, press RIGHT ARROW twice. Select PC Connection, press <9>, and then choose BT, press <3>. The phone should now show up as a BT device on your Computer. Once you have enabled Bluetooth you will need to pair the phone with the PC. One way to do this is to go to Settings and Tools on the phone (described above) and choose the Bluetooth menu, option <0>, select "My Visiblitiy", option <3>, then select "Shown To All". You should get a 3 minute warning message. In less than 3 minutes, go to the PC and in the bluetooth settings you should be able to detect the phone. You will have to enter a passcode in the computer and then the same passcode in the phone (a screen will appear automatically when the PC tries to connect). At this point the phone will be available on a COM port. You will have to manually set the phone settings in BitPim. I have tried this using XP SP2 and a USB Bluetooth Adapter made by TRENDnet, I was able to connect using the native Windows drivers that come with SP2 and the drivers that came with the adapter. You will see a bluetooth symbol on the phone's screen when it is enabled. Bluetooth is a slow way to communicate with the phone, using the USB cable is faster. It also runs down the battery, turning it off after use will preserve battery power. You can also get help on a phone forum like Autodetect does not work with BT in tests so far, this is planned for a later release.

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