There has been a report that this phone will crash if wallpaper image filenames do not have an extension. BitPim will always ensure that there is an extension unless you rename the file yourself.

This phone returns the number of phonebook entries in an unreliable way to BitPim. There is a workaround in the BitPim code for it. However the workaround does not work if the phonebook on the phone is completely empty. To reliably read or write the phonebook with BitPim, you must ensure there is at least one entry on the phone already.

Wallpaper and ringtone reading and writing work. The BitPim code currently limits you to 50 of each. If anyone knows what the real limit is, or why the phone goes to the trouble of storing the total amount of space used by the ringtones and wallpapers then please let the developers know.

The videos taken by the phone use MPEG 4 for the video and Qualcomm's proprietary PureVoice format for the audio. Most media players have no problem with the video but won't know how to do the audio. Apple's QuickTime software (even on Windows) does understand the PureVoice format so you can use it to listen to the video as well.

BitPim Online Help built 17 January 2010