DO NOT PULL THE CABLE OUT OF THE PHONE WHILE OPERATIONS ARE TAKING PLACE (even just reads). If you do, you could end up with bad data when you read the phone book. You can only fix that by writing good data back again.

The LG-VX3200 is a simpler (less featured) phone compared to the other LG phones supported by BitPim. The manufacturer has taken some shortcuts related to some of the inner workings of the phone that in turn make some of the BitPim media handling a little trickier. This is especially true for the Wallpaper handling. Please see the Howtos help section for this phone for important information.

Remember to examine the "Log" tab in BitPim for useful messages if an operation does not appear to have worked correctly.


The LG-VX3200 imposes some limitations on what can be written to the phone when updating the phone's Phonebook. Note that this is a limitation of the phone and not BitPim. In addition there are other items of note related to Phonebook support. Here are the specifics: