Changing the Wallpaper

Please read this section and follow the directions to change Wallpaper on this phone. There are some steps you must do on your phone BEFORE you can use BitPim to change Wallpaper.

There are three "wallpapers" that can be customized on this phone using BitPim; wallpaper, poweron and poweroff. BEFORE you can change these wallpapers you must perform the following steps on your phone for each type of wallpaper you want BitPim to customize:

Repeat the steps above for each of the Wallpaper types (wallpaper, poweron and poweroff) that you want to customize using BitPim. You only need to do this ONCE for each wallpaper type. From this point forward you can use BitPim as many times as you want to change the wallpapers.

NOTE: The LG-VX3200 uses a proprietary image format for the wallpapers. Fortunately BitPim takes care of converting to/from this proprietary format.

Wallpaper examples

Example 1: Put a custom wallpaper on your phone

Create an file on your computer that contains the image you want for your wallpaper. For this example this file will be named "myimage.bmp". Verify that your phone has your new wallpaper by examining the phone's screen.

Example 2: Move wallpaper from one phone to another

This example assumes you have a custom wallpaper on phone A and want to copy it to phone B. In this example we will copy the custom wallpaper from phone A to your computer and it will be named "customwp.bit". Verify that phone B has the copied wallpaper by examining the phone's screen.

Example 3: Edit wallpaper retrieved from a phone

In this example you have a wallpaper that was retrieved from the phone and you want to edit the image using your favorite tool. The problem is that the file is a proprietary LG format and your tool cannot open the file. These steps will convert the file to a BMP file that you can edit. In this example we assume you have a custom wallpaper file on your computer called "customwp.bit" and we will convert it to a BMP file called "customwp.bmp". You can now edit this BMP file and use it as your new wallpaper if you like.

Use your downloaded ringtones

Once you have used BitPim to download custom ringtones (either .mid or .mp3 files) then they are available on your phone to be associated with ringers. Here are the steps on your phone to assign to one of your main ringers:

Note that you can also associate your custom ringers with people in your Contacts.

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