When BitPim updates phonebook contacts to the phone, an extraneous group may be added to the list of available groups. This is due to a firmware problem.

If the PureVoice Converter software is available, Voice Memos can now be retrieved from the phone. They are converted and stored as PCM/WAV media files in BitPim.

Voice Memos can be used as ringtones for both contacts and calendar events. BitPim supports this feature but does not display the actual names/labels of the Voice Memos, it instead displays generic names such as 'VoiceMemo0001', 'VoiceMemo0002', etc. This may be improved in the future.

Repeat calendar events entered via the phone are open-ended. However, end dates can be set in BitPim and sent to the phone.

BitPim Online Help built 17 January 2010