Import Outlook Notes/Tasks

The process of importing Outlook Notes and Outlook Tasks data into BitPim is similar to that of importing Outlook Calendar data:

  1. Select either File  Import  Outlook Notes or Outlook Tasks.

  2. From the Import Outlook dialog, specify the Outlook folder from which to import data.

  3. Read all the data items from the source folder. The Import Outlook dialog will list all the items that have been successfully read.

  4. Optionally set one or more filtering parameters to eliminate unwanted items.

  5. Import the data into BitPim by using one of the following methods:

    1. Replace All: First delete all existing calendar data in BitPim, and then import the new data.

    2. Add: Import the new data with existing data intact. This could result in duplicate data items.

BitPim Online Help built 17 January 2010