Why do you do this stupid thing with my phone?

Users frequently ask why BitPim picks particular formats or does particular actions on phones, especially since some users think they are less efficient or even stupid. One example would be using BMP as the image format for LG VX6000 phones instead of JPG which the phone appears to support.

The reason is that the BitPim developers have thoroughly investigated the actual details. Our goal is for things to "just work". We thoroughly test our decisions and the alternatives. This includes taking the phone beyond normal usage limits (eg what happens if every field is filled in for a phonebook, what happens if we preview an image in all functionality of the phone such as wallpaper, sending it, deleting it etc)

If you think it could be done better, we would love to know! However please make sure you thoroughly test your suggestions against all the relevant functionality of your phone, and that you do it with a wide variety of examples. The BitPim developer code includes a test data generator that may be help. Let us know if you would like to work with that or need it extended.

And the reason for the use of BMP instead of JPG on the LG VX6000 is because although JPG images preview fine, the phone doesn't set them correctly as wallpaper.

It is usually preferable that you do your investigative work using the BitPim source code. In many cases you can just change one line of code. For example to make the LG VX6000 use jpg instead of bmp as the format, you can edit one line near the bottom of com_lgvx6000.py. Get started with the code!

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