Failed to find PureVoice converter

No pvconv

Phones that use CDMA chipsets from Qualcomm use the Qualcomm PureVoice format for storing audio. In order to convert audio from another format to or from PureVoice, BitPim needs a program that can do so.

Qualcomm do have such a program, but their legal terms do not allow us to redistribute the program with BitPim, nor do they respond to email queries about distribution once they learn that no money is charged for BitPim. Consequently you will need to download the program and place it one of the directories BitPim looks for it.


The download site is You will want the version 3.0 converter.

Mac note: If you use MacOS then you are out of luck for the moment. Quicktime does include the ability to play PureVoice, but that appears to be it.

Linux note: The binary was made on some older version of Linux. You may find it doesn't work on more recent versions. You may be able to use the SDK to make a newer converter program, but carefully read the license agreements. Unfortunately the legal terms prevent the BitPim team from being able to make an alternate working binary for Linux, or from re-distributing one.

Extract and copy

The download is in an archive format such as ZIP or compressed tar. Extract the contents, which should be around 3 files: the pvconv binary, a sample qcp file and a text file with the license agreement and other documentation. Copy/move the files to a directory that BitPim looks in. These are listed in the dialog and are different for each platform.


Verify the binary works and can find all necessary libraries. This would be a command such as pvconv PVsample.qcp on Windows and ./pvconv PVsample.qcp on Linux/Mac.

Note: If you intend to use the pvconv program yourself, be aware that both the Linux and Windows versions have documentation claiming you can supply input and output filenames. The version 3.0 converter has a bug and will error out if you give an output filename.

You are all set

Retry your operation in BitPim and the conversions should work.

BitPim Online Help built 17 January 2010