Calendar Import Preset

This dialog allows users to create, edit, and execute Calendar Import Presets. These presets store all of the necessary parameters of frequent calendar import operations, and can be "executed" with a single mouse click, thus effectively provide "shortcuts" to these imports.



Execute the selected (highlighted) preset.


Create a new preset and bring up the Calendar Preset Wizard that lets users defining the parameters of this preset.


Bring up the Calendar Preset Wizard that lets users updating the parameters of the selected preset.


Delete the selected preset.


Quit the dialog.

Calendar Import Preset Wizard

Click on Browse to select the source from which calendar data would be imported. Depending on the data type, the source could either be a file, an URL, or an Outlook folder.

Click on Modify to set/change various filtering paramters.

Calendar Import Preset Preview

This dialog displays a list of calendar events available for import and allows users to take further actions on them.


Replace All:

Discard current BitPim calendar data and replace them with the preview data.


Add the preview data to existing BitPim calendar data. This may cause duplicate events.


Bring up the Calendar Merge dialog.


Discard the preview data and close this dialog.

BitPim Online Help built 17 January 2010