Security Considerations

BitFling has not had a code audit/review. It is written using a language that is resistant to attacks (Python) and uses existing protocols and toolkits. However nothing is perfect and you get no warranty or guarantee of security.

BitFling has builtin firewalling and will immediately close all connections if there are no defined users for the source address.

There is currently no limiting to what ports can be opened via BitFling by an authenticated user. Unauthenticated users can't get that far.

If someone gets hold of your certificate file, they can pretend to be your machine and people on the other end will not be able to tell the difference. You should also ensure the fingerprint is securely transmitted, otherwise bad guys can pretend to be your machine and transmit the fingerprint for their certificate.

On the BitFling side, the password is stored as a secure hash. It is not possible to recover the original password, although it is possible to check if a particular password is the original password.

On the BitPim side, the password is stored obfuscated and the full original password can be obtained.

If a bad guy can get access to your BitFling machine as your user, then they can reconfigure BitFling to allow anyone access. If they can access your BitPim machine as you then they can recover the password you use for BitFling. (Mind you that will be the least of your worries).

If you are experienced in security, we always appreciate more eyes looking at the design, documentation and implementation.

BitPim Online Help built 17 January 2010